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Harry Boxer
  • Selection BioPharma (NASDAQ:-RRB- blew up on positive news on Tuesday, leaping 4.81, or 23%, to 25.77, on 20 million shares, a significant breakaway move, in my viewpoint. Initially it boiled down, and afterwards tore to the high at 26.82. I believe this will probably result in added upside. My target is 35.
  • Digimarc Corporation (NASDAQ:-RRB- has actually been a beast considering that it exploded in very early May as well as has actually gone continuous from 29.53 to Tuesday’s high at 63.98. I assume this was a vital day since for two weeks it has actually been creating some kind of rising coil or wedge within the network. On Tuesday, it burst out, ran 4.94, or 8.4%, to 63.70, on 426,023 shares traded and also closed above it. Currently I’m seeking 75, folks.
  • Qudian (NYSE:-RRB- had broken out and afterwards boiled down a lot further than I would certainly have believed, however it did hold the 50-day and also trendline, and broke back 95 cents, or 15 1/2%, to 7.09, on 8.7 million shares. Target TGT is 8 1/2 moving forward.
  • uniQure N.V (NASDAQ:-RRB-, one of my really old faves ago in mid-2017 around 9-10 range when we first bought it. Then I provided you a swing on it around 13-15, it got all the method as much as 69.60, boiled down in a 3-wave corrective pullback, developed a falling wedge, and also after that bulged on Tuesday, getting 2.41, or 4%, to 63.49, on 484,809 shares traded. I think you’re going to see this run to the mid to high 70’s.
  • Roku Inc. (NASDAQ:-RRB- was an additional large popper on Tuesday, leaping 4.30, or 5%, to 87.63, on 10.7 million shares. This was the highest possible close ever before. My target on ROKU is in the high 90’s.


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